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Tabaku dots the "i": I am part of the DP parliamentary group

Tabaku dots the "i": I am part of the DP parliamentary group

Jorida Tabaku did not participate in the meetings of the merger of the parliamentary group with the DP structures, led by Sali Berisha. But this does not mean that this is her final decision.

"There is no question that I am part of the parliamentary group. This is a process and we cannot divide it with a knife "you did it or you didn't do it". This is a process that I believe will continue and my wish is that every opposition voice joins in this process," said Tabaku in an interview for the show "Pa Censure".

Participant in the protests organized by PD led by Sali Berisha, Jorida Tabaku believes that the opposition confederation will be a good opportunity that includes everyone.

"I'm trying to be the opposition by participating in the protest, filling as much as I can the space left empty in the parliamentary committees, I'm trying to talk to people and give time to this unification process to go to the next elections as well with the idea of ​​a confederation that gathers all parties together. - she said. One of the reasons that prevents Jorida Tabaku from joining the parliamentary group's decision is the way parliamentary life is being handled. "I do not agree with my friend Gazment Bardhi and with the group's decision on the action in the parliament. The reasons are right, but the way things are going, I think they are not helping us. Because the unification of the party without leaving anyone out, in the spirit of the confederation, together with the protest, together with the parliament, all had to be combined together," said Jorida Tabaku.

But will Jorida Tabaku be an MP in 2025?

" Of course, that I have a political investment, that I, my family, my team, the people who trusted me, the Democrats who voted for me, that I am not isolated from them. But it is certain that, as I have done, without any position, it has been a privilege for me, I hope it will be a privilege in the future, to represent the Democrats. I will continue to contribute wherever DP is," said Tabaku.

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