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Meeting with Begajn, Bylykbashi: I was in the capacity of deputy president of the DP, the President recognized the court's decision

Meeting with Begajn, Bylykbashi: I was in the capacity of deputy president of

PD MP, Oerd Bylykbashi, disclosed details of the meeting he held with President Bajram Begaj regarding the talks he is having with political parties for the 2023 local elections.

In a conversation on Report TV, Bylykbashi said that he was called by the President in the capacity of the vice-president of the Democratic Party.

According to him, the president called him after recognizing the decision of the court of first instance for DP.

Meanwhile, regarding Begaj's meeting with Enkelejd Alibeaj, the deputy stated that the President called him in the capacity of the complainant.

"I, in the capacity of the vice-president, went to the consultation, a constitutional tradition. And I presented our position, not only on the date issue, but also the great risks associated with this process. Local elections do not produce the fall or takeover of the government, but the healing of a series that has produced bad elections up to this point.

The president made an action of his understanding the political reality. I heard that Balla was upset that the president had not respected the court's decision. He has respected the decision, there is a decision that says that the DP is what the Assembly of December 11 produced, which has not been broken yet. He also recognized the constitutional right to complain to the court and called Mr. Alibeaj , "said Bylykbashi.

Begaj held meetings with political parties to reach a consensus on the date of the elections. Begaj hosted Oerd Bylykbashi from Rithemelimi, Ilir Meta from the Freedom Party, Taulant Balla from the SP, as well as the heads of small parties, Fatmir Mediu, Vangjel Dule, Dashmair Shehin and Agron Duka. 

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