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Topalli: Tirana Municipality immersed in the corruption of the '5Ds'

Topalli: Tirana Municipality immersed in the corruption of the '5Ds'

The political leader of the DP for Lezha District, Jozefina Topalli, participated in the civic rally in support of the opposition leader Sali Berisha.

She said that nothing justifies the fact that the leader of the opposition is being held in custody without evidence or facts.

Topalli considered it as a political process initiated by the Government, held by political prosecutors and with political decisions given by judges dismissed by Sali Berisha.

"The worst thing about injustices is pretended justice, as is happening with the leader of the opposition. That's why Albanians come here for over 100 days, that's why Albanians protest every Friday at Tirana City Hall.

Isn't it unfair that the municipality is immersed in the corruption of 5D and Sali Berisha is kept under house arrest?

They know that it is easier with Sali Berisha outside the Assembly hall, but they forgot that Sali Berisha also filled the boulevard from the balcony on February 20.

In this country there is no justice, Parliament, Constitution, in this country there is injustice" , said Topalli.

Topalli says that when injustice becomes law, then resistance remains.

"Those who hold power in any form, in the most unimaginable forms, must be fought. "Edi Rama would not be Prime Minister in 2017 if it were not for Lulzim Basha ," said Topalli.

She said that '5D' is a terrible scheme and it is their notion to govern.

"As it is 5D in the Municipality of Tirana, it is 3D, 6D and so on in every other municipality where they govern", said Topalli.

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