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Vasili: Renaissance a corrupt and criminalized sample

Vasili: Renaissance a corrupt and criminalized sample

PL MP, Petrit Vasili, has shared with his followers on the Facebook social network, part of today's speech in the Assembly. He spoke about the affairs in Tirana Municipality and what he calls theft through prefects.

Full post:

Today in the Parliament, I showed how the revivalists turned the Municipalities into 5D thieves and with the prefects they want to take everything that is left!

I showed how the renaissance Local Government has turned into a national 5D that steals all tenders and public money like a real mafia.

I told how it is filled with thousands of dirty patronage workers, who eat tens of millions of euros in salary. I showed how the Municipalities do not even administer the water supply and do not provide services for the citizens. I showed how the municipalities are bankrupt and how many others are on the verge of bankruptcy.

I showed how they increase taxes, which are then only stolen and they don't even provide drinking water. I told how in Fier the Municipality sets up a company to pay for and repair the damaged and stolen incinerator, which does not work.

The rebirth of a corrupt and criminalized monster.

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