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The decision of the Supreme Court for Berisha, Paloka: Scandal! The Law was violated

The decision of the Supreme Court for Berisha, Paloka: Scandal! The Law was

After the Supreme Court decided that the chief democrat Sali Berisha should not participate in the parliamentary sessions of the Assembly of Albania, the DP deputy, Edi Paloka, stated that he was not at all surprised by this decision.

In an interview on SYRI TV, Paloka said that the new justice is in Rama's hands and that GJ violated the law.

"Unfortunately, there is nothing new even in today's decision of the Supreme Court. It is part of an already captured and corrupt system of justice, the so-called "new justice", which, at least as we have denounced from the beginning, is proving every day more and more that it is nothing more than a tool in Rama's hands to put pressure, to condemn the opposition and to keep out of trouble, out of trouble, all the thieves and all the corrupt people of the government. That's putting it bluntly. So, I don't expect anything, to be honest, from any of the courts.

See just one detail, which is scandalous. I am not going into the whole story, because the whole story of Mr. Berisha, the "sentence" - the detention of Mr. Berisha and Mr. Poverty - it's a scandal. But just look at the detail that is already public and a universally known fact about this judge, Irena Gjoka, that Irena has three names.

In other words, all the facts have come out that prove that this lady violated the law, and this should be before the court today because she violated the law by declaring or not declaring - this is the same as a false declaration in her declaration - and if these the facts are public, not only that lady is not removed, because they don't let her resign, but "they don't allow" her to resign.

She was chosen as such and not only her: all those who were chosen for this so-called "new justice" were chosen deliberately with cheapness, they were chosen deliberately with problems, so that they have somewhere to catch them, where to they put pressure on them and how to force them to do what Rama and those around Rama want," said Paloka.

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