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The decision for the journalist Qyno, Berisha: The Sadushgjykata put a stamp on free speech

The decision for the journalist Qyno, Berisha: The Sadushgjykata put a stamp on

The head of the DP, Sali Berisha, commented on the decision of the Supreme Court, which certified the unprecedented decision to seize computer data and carry out 4 checks on the journalist of the chronicle, Elton Qyno, in order to discover the sources of his information.

During the speech from today's protest under his apartment, Berisha considered the decision as unconstitutional, illegal and that the law is in flagrant violation of the European Convention of Human Rights, in flagrant violation of the Universal Charter of Human Rights of the UN.

Sali Berisha: My friends! Today is a difficult day, today is a black day for free speech. Today, the Supreme Court, or Sadushgjykata, served as a trap for free speech. In an unconstitutional, illegal decision, today the Supreme Court ruled in flagrant violation of the European Convention on Human Rights, in flagrant violation of the UN Universal Charter of Human Rights, the arbitrary acts of the Dumans of Skapi and the court dummies , to the brave journalist who published materials sold by Skapi himself. Elton Qyno had managed to discover in the encrypted phone transcripts the conversations of Edi Rama, Taulant Balla and not only them, but also their environment. The member countries of the Council of Europe have signed a convention, the European Convention on Human Rights of the member countries. This convention has a guardian accepted by all member states and this guardian is the Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. This court has repeatedly decided that the request of sources of information for journalists constitutes an attack on freedom of expression. The same was expressed by the UN Human Rights Commission. And these judges who have for the European convention, the code of the mafia of Edi Rama, who have for the constitution, the code of the mafia of Edi Rama, judged today to remove any protection for the information sources of journalists. They decided today to close their mouths in front of ugly crimes, just to protect Edi Rama, Taulant Balla, to protect criminals in power, their connections with crime, their thefts. This judgment will go down in the history of Albania and Europe as a judgment that even Putin and Lukashenko will envy today. With this judgment, today every party prosecutor, every party investigator, has the right to behave like the executioner of his word, he has the right without a court decision to undertake acts of terror, brutal acts, against journalists and the media. This is a serious act, this is a black day. Elton Qyno released records sold by Skapi of the party, sold to millions of friends. It must be clear to you that when it comes to the world of crime, millions are like coffee in the morning. They don't have a problem with the million euros, they have a problem with where to hide it because they get it from drugs, murders, and horrors. After they sold the testimony of Nuredin Duman, a serial killer, but who in the end found a human particle in his honor and confessed, before whom, before the treacherous justice. Before justice criminals who sold his file. The sale of the file is expected to bring at least 15-20 more murders, extortion. As for Qyno, who told the Albanians, this is what these Edi Rama's scapegoats are selling, this is how gangs and murderers help Edi Rama's scapegoats, he was kidnapped in the middle of the road. His phones were taken away, because there appeared the name of Rama who communicated with the cartels, who directed the traffic. It contained the name of Taulant Balla, who communicated with gangs in Albania and abroad. That promised protection of their interests. That he complained about Sali Berisha, that he is attacking him. That was discussing murder for traffic. Today, free speech was put under fire. In fact, the law of agitation and propaganda returns. I call on you journalists, that every news, announcement, information that you provide, forward it to the digital citizen to convey it to the citizens and the world immediately, in real time. There is nothing in the world that will stop us.

I make it clear to Edi Rama that you are an intemperate rottenness and will never give up on the terrorism of journalists. I guarantee you that there is no power in the world, no Skap and no courts in the world that will protect you from the ugly crimes you have committed. No Edi Rama, no. McGonagall in prison, you will have his fate. There is no Albanian who can accept that the one who received an oil license and 225 thousand euros from you, should be imprisoned for 3 years, while you govern. No Edi Rama, you have corrupted him, you are a co-corrupter, he deserves his fate and the Albanians will give it to him. Today you are protected by Dumani, Kraja and the organized criminal group in the Skapi party, but tomorrow you can be sure that every penny you have appropriated from those hundreds of millions of euros, from the Tirana arsonist who does not exist, for the Tirana arsonist in the theft of century. That every penny you acquired by sterilization you increased the price 83 times. That every penny you earned with 10-15 times the price of roads. That every gamble you are gambling with the Port of Durrës will burden you until the end of your life. I know that for all this you will do everything to stand on the chair of crime, to protect the power of crime. But I also know that in all the centuries, in all the times, when the sovereign has decided, there is no satrap who has not passed from the seat of crime to the pillar of shame, to the seat of justice.

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