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"Only united we can bring him down", Vokshi: Let's gather like for chemicals to remove Rama

"Only united we can bring him down", Vokshi: Let's gather like

The Deputy of the Democratic Party, Albana Vokshi, in her speech at the national protest organized by the opposition, said that the opposition is more united than ever to overthrow the Rama regime, which according to her has installed a regime that can only be overthrown and dragging.

" Today is February 20, the day that I and many of our generation have lived once again 33 years ago. We toppled the bust of Enver Hoxha just as we are going to topple Edi Rama.

I have no words to thank you for killing the fear and joining the hope to protest as free people. Every single one of you is bad news for Edi Rama and his mafia clique. Today we do not have an independent judiciary. Do we have a parliament that controls the government? No.

Do we have investigative commissions to check Edi Rama and the government? No. Do we have free elections? No. Are we in a democracy? No. We are in an autocracy. For two years, we faced a frontal attack that sought to destroy the opposition with money, hostages, traitors and lobbying. But they didn't make it, we are here together, stronger and united, overcoming the troubles and fun. We must remove this curse that has the name Edi Rama.

Albanians, stand up, protest and join us to remove this kennel of thieves. Our Albania is in danger. It is being sold as spoils of war for the personal interests of Edi Rama.

He is no longer our adversary, but a traitor. At every meeting he makes, he sells a piece of land or sea, promises a camp or a military base. At every table you sit at, you know very well that he has promised something on your back. He sits at every table like a traitor. Let's wake up and react like chemicals," said Vokshi. 

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