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Theft of the TIMS system and the arrest of the IT director, Salianji: The first achievement of the Commission of Inquiry

Theft of the TIMS system and the arrest of the IT director, Salianji: The first

During today's meeting, the chairman of the Investigative Commission for the handling of Tims system data, Ervin Salianji, presented the first achievement of the investigations by this commission, related to the arrest of the director of IT, Ervin Muça.

Salianji said that the investigations proved that there was interference in the system and this was followed by the arrest of Ervin Muça, who was also one of the first witnesses called to this commission.

Salianji: I want to start the meeting with a compliment to all the members, for the first results that this investigative commission has achieved since the beginning of its work. Regardless of the fact that the event for which we have been charged by the Assembly is one of the most serious events that happened in this republic.

The intervention in the TIMS system, which unfortunately, according to the investigations, has been proven to have been an intervention and there was also the arrest of the director Ervin Muça, who, as we have discussed, is among the first witnesses called to the commission. It is inexplicable how, for 10 months in a row, suspended by the same troop in the state police, he returned as director of IT in the State Police and continuing illegally in violation of any law.

I want to remind you that on 21.12.2021, through the Whatsapp application, the salary lists for the months of January and April of Albanian citizens were distributed, also in this case there was an investigation by the justice bodies, which concluded with the taking responsibility of four citizens who found the lists ridiculous. on December 24, 2021, director Ervin Muca resigns. The resignation came because of his illegal actions.

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