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President's election, Alibeaj 'disappointed' by SP: He withdrew from the agreement, Rama was scared by the candidates

President's election, Alibeaj 'disappointed' by SP: He withdrew

Enkelejd Alibeaj has stated from the Presidency of the Assembly that the Socialist Party withdrew from the agreement for the election of the president.

Referring to a statement by Taulant Ballës that the DP should nominate the candidate with its signatures, Alibeaj said that in the proposed official document the parties would agree on the criteria, but it did not happen since the withdrawal of the SP.

"The parliamentary opposition will go through an identification process.

Today there has been a withdrawal from the Socialist Party, even from the contacts they have had. We would identify 4 candidates, the SP would choose 2 and then a consensual candidacy would be chosen and the final act would be that 'a commission of 6 members review the 2 selected candidates and agree on the selection and proposal of common to one of them '. And the candidacy is then subject to voting in the plenary session.

So the joint proposal. This would be like a strong energetic sign that there would be no games or avoidance. "But the Socialist Party has already said that the candidacy should have only the signatures of the Democratic Party", Alibeaj said in a statement for the media.

According to him, Rama was scared of the candidates proposed the day before because according to him he could not 'catch' them.

" One of the reasons may be the fact that the quality of our candidates. We may be anathema to incorrect games and attitudes. The candidacies that were identified in the first phase are neither hostages but people with integrity.

As Rama saw that there was no chance to catch him stealing or seducing he did this today. "Because they were anti-communist figures," said Alibeaj.

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