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Zhupa: Alfred Peza fired 144 people for his whims

Zhupa: Alfred Peza fired 144 people for his whims

Democratic MP Ina Zhupa has criticized the director of RTSH, Alfred Peza.

Invited to Report TV, Zhupa said that Peza fired people from RTSH on his whims and not for reforms. The deputy added that RTSH failed to get any exclusive rights with the money they receive, as she raised the question of where this income is going.

"Don't believe the fairy tales of Peze, he fired 144 people and hired 155 others. He removed some people who did not like Peza with 30 years of experience in RTSH. RTSH is not the property of Alfred Peza. If there were abuses, he has the duty to prosecute the former director who kept him at work. There are 46 processes accepted by the court with 3 processes won because he cannot prove what he says. He fired people because they did not meet his whims. They happen to be people who worked with Peza.

I am very sorry when none of the 13 obligations recommendations given by the assembly were implemented, when the income from advertising fell by 67%, when he did not manage to get any exclusive rights. Why did they take it before?! They won the Champions League, the World Cup, the European Cup, then they didn't cost much or there was more experience. Since how did he get these exclusive rights, where will we see the use of this money?!", said Zhupa.


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