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"The key man of the Italy-Albania pact is a former lawyer of drug traffickers in Tirana"

"The key man of the Italy-Albania pact is a former lawyer of drug

Rai.it tonight I will broadcast new details about the Italy-Albania agreement for immigrants. The key man of the Italy-Albania Pact is a former lawyer for drug traffickers in Tirana.

" The Meloni government has reached an agreement to send to Albania some of the immigrants who try to enter Italy via the Mediterranean.

Work started a few weeks ago for the construction of two reception centers where, according to the Prime Minister's predictions, around 36,000 asylum seekers will be diverted per year.

But as the Report found, costs are already out of control. Compared to the 650 million euros initially budgeted for 5 years, the total expenditure may exceed the threshold of 1 billion euros. Even the forecasts made by the government for the number of immigrants seem very optimistic.

Therefore, we would spend disproportionate amounts, compared to the usual management costs in Italy, to send barely 3000 migrants a year to Albania, who in any case will have to be transferred to Italy afterwards.

So who will really benefit from this deal? The report found some unexpected and disturbing reactions in Albania, described by many international observers as a "Narcostat" due to the strong influence of Albanian mafia cartels on government activities.

A mafia that has grown exponentially in recent years, even under the watchful eye of the Italian authorities, " writes the Italian media.

We recall that on November 6, the Prime Minister of Albania, Edi Rama, and his Italian counterpart, Giorgia Meloni, signed an agreement, according to which Italy will send to Albania the migrants who escape in the Mediterranean Sea, while Italy will finance the establishment of the centers for their reception.

The agreement will start to be implemented in the spring of next year.

According to the protocol published by the Albanian Government, Italy will deposit 16.5 million euros in a special account of the Treasury of Albania, as an advance for the housing of immigrants.

The high commissioner for human rights in the Council of Europe, Dunja Mijatovic, has stated that the agreement reached between Albania and Italy on immigrants increases concerns about human rights and adds to concerns about the European trend that responsibilities for asylum seekers go outside the European framework .

Also, the agreement has been criticized by the human rights organization, Amnesty International, which called it "illegal and unenforceable".

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