DP sues Rama with SPAK: Threatened teachers, nurses and administration with the workplace.  

DP sues Rama with SPAK: Threatened teachers, nurses and administration with the

The Democratic Party indicted in the SPAK Prime Minister Edi Rama for 4 criminal offenses related to the elections.

At the heart of the lawsuit is Rama's threat and blackmailing employees in education and health through the "Teachers for Albania" and "Nurses for Albania" portals.

During a conversation with Milva Ekonomi yesterday, Rama said that they protect the workplace only by voting for the Socialist Party. "They must defend their position by voting. In the unsuspecting direction everything ends, even their work. "Because they start again, because they do not know anything else." Rama is quoted in the lawsuit.

For the Democratic Party, Edi Rama has committed 4 criminal offenses, for which he asks the SPAK to open an investigation:

• Abuse of duty

• Active corruption in elections

• Use of public office for political or electoral activities

• Threats or rape against election participants

" Intimidation of the public administration to get involved in the campaign, pressure to bring up to 20 safe votes for the Socialist Party and the threat of dismissal are phenomena encountered in every institution, but a statement with threatening content by the Prime Minister himself is very dangerous, especially when the general parliamentary elections will take place in 17 days.

The DP points out that 185 thousand people work in the public administration, out of 85 thousand who were employed in 2013. “Of these 10 thousand people have been employed only in recent months for electoral purposes, not including 2,500 employees with temporary contracts in local government "- it is said in the lawsuit of PD, which states that the direct threat of Rama to vote SP is for 185 thousand employees of the administration and their families.

"With this action, the Prime Minister himself has not only violated free and fair elections, but above all has committed a series of serious criminal offenses, the consequences of which directly affect the outcome of the elections. "- it is said in the lawsuit of the Democratic Party, which requires SPAK quick and concrete actions, in order to further prevent the consequences and bring to justice the perpetrator of these criminal acts.

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