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McGonigal Affair/ The letter from the US Congress is revealed: We will issue a subpoena for the FBI

McGonigal Affair/ The letter from the US Congress is revealed: We will issue a

The House Judiciary Committee warns it will subpoena the FBI for a trove of records about Charles McGonigal, the former New York counterintelligence chief who was indicted on money laundering and racketeering charges after retiring from his for one sanctioned the Russian oligarch, writes Business Insider.

The FBI and Justice Department "may be attempting to conceal the true extent of McGonigal's misconduct to avoid further damaging the Bureau's reputation," committee chairman Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) alleged in a letter to Tuesday to FBI Director Christopher Wray.

Jordan first asked the FBI to turn over documents related to McGonigal in February, days after he was indicted in New York and Washington. The bureau never responded beyond acknowledging the letter, a committee spokesperson told Insider.

When McGonigal's alleged misconduct first came to light, his high rank within the office and alleged ties to Russia fueled intense speculation on the Hill from both sides. As special agent in charge of counterintelligence in the FBI's New York field office, McGonigal was tasked with leading efforts to track down foreign agents in one of the espionage capitals of the world.

In August, McGonigal reached a plea deal with prosecutors in his New York case. So far, Jordan is the only lawmaker who has followed through publicly.

The FBI's national press office and an attorney for McGonigal declined to comment.

You can read the full letter from Jordan to Wray below:


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