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'Kronen Zeitung' allegations of lobbying, Meta: Used for speculative purposes, almost mafia, will be proven in court

'Kronen Zeitung' allegations of lobbying, Meta: Used for speculative

The Austrian newspaper 'Kronen Zeitung' published an article a few days ago in which it accused President Ilir Meta of lobbying 700 thousand dollars to participate in the inauguration of US President Donald Trump at the time.

Invited to the studio of "The Unexposed" Meta said that the newspaper has used the article for speculative and even mafia purposes. The President said that everything will be proven in court, emphasizing that his visit was made at the invitation of the US in the capacity of Speaker of the Assembly. 

"It's funny and crying that the press… it's a boulevard newspaper, it is used for purely speculative purposes not to say mafia. This will be proven in court, the trial is an irreversible process, even for the fact that I am in the office of the President of the Republic. This should not have happened. In such a case, questions are also sent to the accused party.

They did not have to pay because they are invited. There is no ceremony for sure than the inauguration of the President. You only enter with invitations. There were and are places where personalities are invited. I was the Speaker of the Assembly, there was no reason to make any payment. There has been no attempt to take pictures with Trump.

The only thing that exists, because everything else is a trick that blows incinerators. What exists is a payment of 15 thousand dollars, made in an Albanian bank, by decision of the leadership of the SMI. It was immediately reported to the Department of Justice " , said Meta.

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