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EU membership, Milo: With Macron's proposal we go back in the process

EU membership, Milo: With Macron's proposal we go back in the process

Former Foreign Minister Pascal Milo has commented on French President Emmanuel Macron's proposal for what has been described as a "European foyer" for aspiring countries.

Invited to MCN, Milo says it is nothing more than an EU practice that was in force until 1996.

According to him, the process was applied for the last time for Slovenia and Albania could be behind it, but it was penalized due to suspicions of manipulation of the 1996 elections. According to Milos, with his proposal, Macron wants to give it time EU to weigh things better.

"Until 1996 it had an associate term. Before becoming a member you had to sign the association agreement. With Macron's proposal we go back to the process. In 1996 the association process was closed, with the last Slovenia.

Albania also got ready, but due to the rigged elections of that year, the EU rejected it. It is like the work of the menu a candidate country that will become an EU member can choose the areas in which it seeks to integrate. He imposes it on himself, stops the process but does not say it openly.

Integration is currently underway in a freezing process. It is not known how long this process will take. It is not known what will be done with Albania and Northern Macedonia. Chances are not. "We are not dealing with a substantial proposal, but we are dealing with a maneuver to gain time and think things through better ," said Milo.

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