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GJKKO's appeal decides today for Fredi Beleri

GJKKO's appeal decides today for Fredi Beleri

The Special Court of Appeal announces today at 13:00 the decision for Fredi Beleri. The elected mayor of Himara, at the same time voted as the Greek MEP in the European Parliament, who claims innocence. On the other hand, SPAK wants the 2-year prison sentence to remain in force.

On June 14, after a session that lasted almost 4 hours, the Court of Special Appeal declared the trial closed. Pandeli Kokaveshi is also in court with Beleri. Beleri and Kokaveshi plead not guilty to the vote-buying charge after GJKKO sentenced Beleri to 2 years and Kokaveshi to 1 year and six months in prison. Kokaveshi's decision is suspended with probation for three years.

On June 10, Fredi Beleri was elected MEP in Greece, where he received 237,000 votes and was the fourth most voted MEP in the Greek state, while the fourth also results in the list of 7 MEPs from the party list of Prime Minister Mitsotakis. New Democracy.

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