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Albania's enemies? The Great Turk hasn't done anything to us

Albania's enemies? The Great Turk hasn't done anything to us

From Auron Tare

Albania's enemies?

These are views of the landscapes along the Shkumbin River. Somewhere below meandered the road of the "King" or the famous Via Egnatia. The road since its modern construction by the Roman military troops, passed all the historical European events. This is where the Western armies crossed to the Orient. All possible barbarian tribes that attacked the Occident passed here.

A little further down from this landscape, the Goth tribes suffered one of the great defeats recorded in the recent history of Rome. The fierce Pechenegs, the Huns, the Avars, the Slavo-Bulgarians, the Goths and the Ostrogoths, the Crusaders, the Venetian embassies, the mercenary armies of Byzantium.

Belisarius, the famous general who fought in the Italian peninsula passed through here with his armies. The Middle Ages with the barbarians and after them the terrible Ottoman armies which came to the Adriatic destroying and conquering Arberia.

How many stories, songs, tales have we heard about the Terrible Turk? Turk who burned and kidnapped children? The Turk who destroyed everything he found in his path? Meanwhile, even if you try to find traces of these apocalyptic destructions everywhere in Albania, you will not find anything. The terrible conqueror, the Great Turk, has done us nothing. I'm totally out of it, it seems. He left and the Turk broke his neck with all the telenovelas and here came the Albanian.

This great Albanian patriot who sings of freedom and love for his country. The independent and proud Albanian passed through these roads trampled by all possible barbarian hordes and here. See for yourself what the Albanian has done along the ancient road Via Egnatia.

PS I forgot the Golden Gate at the entrance to Via Egnatias. The gate where the Emperors entered. The gate that opened the Orient or the Occident. Now he opens the Cafe of the Owner of the Palace he built on it. Patriotism or not?

Albania's enemies? The Great Turk hasn't done anything to us




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