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Arrested in Dubai Durim Bami

Arrested in Dubai Durim Bami

Today, on 12.06.2024, citizen Durim Bami, born on 29.10.1979, was arrested in Dubai for the purpose of extradition to our country after the Special Court of First Instance Against Corruption and Organized Crime, with decision No. 49 dated 15.05.2024, has appointed the security measure "Arrest with prison", for this citizen for criminal offenses; "Providing the conditions and material means to commit murder", "Structured criminal group", "Cultivation of narcotics", and "Commitment of criminal offenses by a criminal organization, or a structured criminal group", provided by articles, 80, 284, 333/a and 334/1 of the Criminal Code.

The procedure for the extradition of this citizen to our country follows.

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