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Father in prison, abandoned by mother, the story of an 8-year-old girl from Tirana who takes care of her sick grandmother

Father in prison, abandoned by mother, the story of an 8-year-old girl from

The show Fiks Fare brought the story of an 8-year-old girl who takes care of her sick 74-year-old grandmother.

Sheila, a second grader, lives alone with her grandmother, who says that she raised her granddaughter herself.

"The father is in prison, the mother abandoned him, I raised him alone, but now I am sick and cannot serve him. We are in very difficult economic conditions and the minor also cooks for me", says the 74-year-old woman.

The only income of Sheila and her grandmother is the old age pension with which they pay the rent of the house. They live in Tirana on "Jordan Misja" street. The elderly woman says that she has been taking care of her granddaughter since she was born, as her mother abandoned her, but now it is impossible for her to do so due to her health condition.

Even under these conditions, Sheila has never complained about anything. But the grandmother is in pain for her little one who has grown up prematurely, so she turned to the show Fiks Fare for help.

Meanwhile, the 8-year-old says that she often misses school because of her grandmother's health. "I didn't go to school today because my mother was sick, so I'm often absent," says the 8-year-old.

Sheila says she wakes up at 5 in the morning, after giving the medicine to her grandmother, she has to make breakfast, wash, clean, do all the housework. "I wake up at 5 in the morning, I do my chores, then I go to school, I'm even absent when my grandmother is sick", says the minor.

Meanwhile, she speaks little about her parents, she says that she has not met her father in prison, that there is no one to take her to see him, she only communicates with him on the phone, while she does not speak with her mother at all.

In the presence of journalists, she cooks her grandmother's breakfast. There is only one egg in the fridge and he doesn't think of eating it himself, but he cooks it for his mother, who will then take the medicine. Then he will do the laundry. When journalists ask her what she needs, she answers: I need toys, clothes, teaching aids.

Even though school has started, Sheila still has no teaching materials, as she has nothing to buy them with.

"I haven't bought the tools yet, all my friends have bought them", she says to Fiks reporters. top channel


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