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Father and son try to burn old woman in Italy

Father and son try to burn old woman in Italy

A father and son originally from Albania tried to burn an elderly man in Italy. According to the Italian media, the event took place in Casarano, a municipality of Salento in Lecce, Italy.

What makes the event more serious is the fact that the old woman was related to the two people who tried to burn her.

The two relatives of the elderly woman, namely her 64-year-old brother and her 37-year-old nephew, had gone to visit their relative's house, but due to constant arguments between them, the situation had worsened and the woman had told the relatives to run away from the house.

Then, the two men, father and son, entered the bedroom and sprayed the elderly woman with gasoline in an attempt to set her on fire, while she was sleeping, the woman screamed and went outside to report to the police.


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