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Bars and restaurants are looking for workers in the Philippines, Association: The sector lacks 15 thousand employees

Bars and restaurants are looking for workers in the Philippines, Association:

Bars and restaurants account for a significant shortage of 15,000 vacancies in the sector, where the main cause of human resources vacancies is the departure of the population in emigration.

The Association of Bars and Restaurants told the Monitor that since 3 months, due to the marked lack of labor force, many service structures are looking for employees from the Philippines. for the return to normality of the sector, the association asserts the necessity of filling 15,000 vacancies.

Until 2019, according to INSTAT data, there were about 50,000 people employed in bars and restaurants, where, however, it is estimated that the sector has high informality.

The sector also suffered from the labor force crisis during the summer period, where many bars and restaurants in the coastal areas were forced to hire employees from the countries of the region such as Montenegro, Kosovo or North Macedonia, as well as to increase the salaries of the locals.

A strong increase in prices is expected from March

The Association of Bars and Restaurants also warns that from March there will be strong prices, due to high costs from the increase in wages and the increase in the price of imported coffee or spirits.

"Until now, the prices of coffee in bars have increased by 10 to 20 Lek. from March, it is predicted that there will be a strong increase in prices, due to the high cost of employee salaries. Wage growth due to labor shortages is very strong. Compared to years in the sector of bars and restaurants, there are no more salaries of waiters under 50,000 lek and cleaners under 40,000 lek. All this cost will be amortized to the prices.

Even the value of investments for the renovation of bars or their purchase has increased 30 to 40% more due to the increase in the cost of construction materials. On the other hand, the importers of coffee, tea or other products have announced a price increase of 7-8% more than in years", underlined the representatives of the Association of Bars and Restaurants.

There are a total of 17 thousand bars in the country, from 23 thousand in 2015, being the second most preferred activity in the country, after the minority business. According to the data of the INSTAT business register, in 2021, 854 activities of food and beverage services were closed, with a decrease of 5.2%. /Monitor

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