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Baton Haxhiu: Beler's arrest hasty, political clash that has no end

Baton Haxhiu: Beler's arrest hasty, political clash that has no end

Analyst Baton Haxhiu commented on the diplomatic clash between Albania and Greece regarding the Beleri case.

Invited to Euronews Albania, he described Beler's arrest as hasty, as it has brought a political clash that has no end.

Haxhiu emphasized that Beleri should not have been arrested 2 days before the elections and responsible for the situation he made the prosecutor who did not wait to arrest him in the right political context.

"His imprisonment is hasty, it has consequences which we have now. Whoever steals votes deserves to be jailed and arrested, but not three days before the election. After an election political moment creates a moment of political clash which does not know the end.

The one who rushed to imprison him is a bad prosecutor, he is a prosecutor who only looks at the facts but does not look at the socio-economic aspect. They had to find the moment when he could be imprisoned. Beler could be jailed on Monday or Tuesday, whenever. Dumani was not wrong, not even Rama because Rama does not imprison people. A political battle is a political battle, but due to the fact that we live in a country where leaders are worshiped, the prosecutor may have been wrong because he worshiped the leader. The prosecutor has put us in an unenviable situation. Albania was the only country in the region that did not have ethnic clashes.

All the countries that surround Albania are full of ethnic problems, ethno-nationalism, and it is desirable at all costs that Albania be out of these problems.

It was one of the oases where you could live without any problems with the Greeks. But even the Greeks should not sell morality for human rights, since there is no Greek ethnic group there when 40% of the inhabitants are not Greek", said Haxhiu.


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