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Begaj "head to head" with Kurti, the presidency clears the meeting

Begaj "head to head" with Kurti, the presidency clears the meeting

The President of the Republic, Bajram Begaj held a 'one-on-one' meeting with the Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, in Pristina and then the bilateral meeting with the presence of the relevant delegations.
The Head of State confirmed the position of Albania next to Kosovo, emphasizing the fact that every success of Kosovo is a success of Albania.
"There is no other way. Albania-Kosovo is a symbiosis that will continue to exist", said Begaj, along with the wish that the good days for Albanians continue to be like this, that both countries have a better future.
" We have the opportunity to progress and be an important factor for the stability, peace and sustainable development of the region," said President Begaj, emphasizing that for Albania the protection and promotion of Kosovo is on every international agenda.

"Public functions are temporary, the nation is eternal" - assessed the President of the Republic"
President Begaj described June 12, 1999 as the day that brought freedom over suffering, over persecution, over ethnic cleansing, over genocide and this freedom, - was he says, - it belongs to all those patriots who gave their lives, sacrificed and contributed for Kosovo.
Also, the President of the Republic reconfirmed his stance on Kosovo's membership in NATO, and for this commitment, as well as for lobbying in the process of international recognition of Kosovo, he received thanks and gratitude from Prime Minister Albin Kurti.
During this meeting, the President of Albania, in continuation of the initiatives to which he has dedicated himself, proposed that Kosovo also declare a national holiday on November 22, the Day of the Alphabet of the Albanian Language.
For this request, he found Prime Minister Kurti's approval.
During the conversation, issues of cultural and educational exchanges were also discussed, where a special importance was given to cooperation for facilitating the study and knowledge of our history through the organization of exchanges between schools.

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