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"Trust the institutions", OSCE ambassador talks about election manipulations: Investigate the murder of Pjerin Xhuvani

"Trust the institutions", OSCE ambassador talks about election
Vincenzo Del Monaco

OSCE Ambassador Vincenzo Del Monaco spoke about the April 25 election process. He made these comments after a visit to the city of Elbasan, where he met with the mayor, the director of police and representatives of religious communities.

Asked about the opposition's allegations of electoral crimes, he also drew attention to the murder of Pjerin Xhuvani in Elbasan, a few days before the elections. He asked the justice institutions to investigate this crime.

"I think we have all read the OSCE / ODIHR interim report. When we talk about complaints about the election process and the criminal events that took place during the election process, it is not up to me to judge. I have full confidence in the Albanian judicial authorities. As "You remember, the day after the murder in Elbasan, before the elections, we made a very clear statement and we are confident of a speedy investigation and that the judiciary will do what needs to be done. This is how it works in a democracy," said the OSCE Ambassador. .

Regarding Albania's integration into the EU, Monaco stressed that the rule of law, democratization, electoral processes are some achievements that can help our country on this journey.

Asked how motivated he thinks the State Police is to fight electoral crime and guarantee public safety, he appealed that trust in institutions should be increased. "The message I give is about trust, institutional trust, trust the institutions," said the ambassador , among other things.

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