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Source: Serbia-Russia deal targets Italy

Source: Serbia-Russia deal targets Italy

Analyst Genc Burimi has said that the agreement between Serbia and Russia targets Italy.

In a link to RTV Ora, Burimi said that of the three candidates for the post of prime minister, Salvini and Berlusconi have positioned themselves in favor of Russia, while the only female candidate, Meloni, has not given any statement.

Regarding the latter, the analyst says that not having a clear program, he can enter into a partnership with Moscow.

"The Serbia-Russia agreement is targeting Italy. Of the three leaders of the winning coalition, Salvini and Berlusconi have clearly expressed their support for Russia. Berlusconi said a few days ago that it is not Russia that is to blame for this war, but Ukraine that provoked it with its hope to join NATO. Meloni is not very pronounced, she is a woman who does not have an economic program. People are not fed by identity, they are fed by the economy. Today Italy does not suffer from identity. Today Italy needs fundamental reforms. This woman, not having the possibility of an essential reform, will surely try to make a partnership with Moscow to have a free gas" , said Burimi.

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