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Which of the 2 Revival Smokes Should I Believe?

Which of the 2 Revival Smokes Should I Believe?

By Adriana Kalaja

Which of the 2 Dumans of renaissance should I believe/more??????
Yesterday, following the "interpellation" of the "first" Duman, in other words the "First" of SPAK, in front of those who are mostly subjects with open files in SPAK, he in difficulty and with a "dry" throat declared how he was in aware of the money laundering of the proceeds of criminal offenses, from second-level banks or private companies, the question that automatically came to my mind was:
- How is it possible that the Head of one of the most important justice structures in the country, did not primarily initiate a criminal investigation?
Then, in a legitimate way, I replied to myself:
- The one who broke file 184?
- The one who filed my criminal complaint against the Port of Durrës by mistake?
- The one who made my report on the Bechetti case, again without a start?
- Does the following violate the law regarding the manual draw?
- The one who does not dare to hold Edvin of SPAK accountable for why the file of the National Theater has been dormant for over 4.5 years?
There are many questions that naturally arose for me about this "first" Duman, but I'll leave it at that for today and I'll come back to both issues in the coming days.
Both that of the Port of Durrës and that of Bechetti.
While we are all familiar with the "interpellation" of the "second" Duman in front of his Spakist colleagues, he told us how they had acted for this entire period, under the blessing of the government.
Apart from the fact that both "closely" serve Rama's power, the "first" by imprisoning the opposition and the "second" by stealing the elections, this "second" Duman seems more reliable and honest.
Apparently, he is paid to do what he does and not like this "first" who is paid by our taxes to punish the "second" Duman and with him, the power that generates him as a model of success.
And when comparing the two Dumans, I remembered the statement made by me in the second protest that SPAK has cut the arrest warrant.
This is both true and beautiful news (journalists should verify it), as bitter as it is at the same time, as it proves the accusations of me and all the opposition, that of "directed" justice.
And for this, I am giving you two photos of which are not only very related to each other (for which you will have a status very soon), but prove the Justice with the "direction" of Rama with the "first" Duman, in other words
, with the "help" and intervention of Don Agaçit, a friend of Ina Rama, a member with the veto of Edvini t Kristaq in KPA, is appointed to SPAK.
With the "help" of the "first" Duman's hand draw, the lot of Ina Rama's friend, newly appointed to SPAK, "falls" . Honor is bathed in honor
- says il popolo albanese.
Measures should be taken for Veliaj to go to 313 not when he deserves it (he should have gone years ago), but when Edvini Kristaq needs it - it is the order of the mafia.
In addition, the public watched both the Rai 3 show and was made aware of the evidence of the Metamorfoza file.
1, 2 or infinity.
According to the evil mouths, it is said that from the disclosure of the interceptions of the conversations in SKY ECC, there are "pearls" that the "first" Duman, a relative, is trying to hide or put in the archives as "insignificant" conversations or "invalid".
Under these conditions, in order to appease the "gossip-mongers" of the cafes and not to "die" ignorant, if I were a deputy, which I see is unlikely to ever happen, I would address the "first" Duman, some questions:
1. Have they found out from the disclosure of these interceptions that in the KPK and especially in the KPA it "passes" only after Don Agaçi intervenes?
2. Has it resulted in these interceptions that members of the KPK and KPA were ordered from prison to dismiss X or Y magistrate?
3. Were the trips to Dubai paid for by members of the KPA from those arrested in the "Metamorfoza" file?
4. Who is the "Tiger of Justice", former member of the Supreme Court?
5. Does it result from the discovery of the wiretapping that "Tiger of Justice" in cooperation with a member of the KPK, extends the date of the magistrates' Veting in exchange for large payments?
There are many questions that could be asked about this, but I'll leave it at that.
I hope that this time, the "first" Duman will be honest.
On the contrary, Duman answered "the second".
I said it above.
He showed more sincerity in the "interpellation"
PS: How far-sighted were you, Doctor Berisha, about Ina Rama, and we didn't believe you?

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