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The debate about the road, Buzhala: Veliaj understands the garbage business, not the weight of Ibrahim Rugova

The debate about the road, Buzhala: Veliaj understands the garbage business, not

The mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, has decided to divide the street "Ibrahim Rugova" into two parts and replace half of it with the name "Martyrs of February 4".

The journalist from Kosovo, Berat Buzhala, reacted through a post on Facebook. Buzhala writes that Veliaj understands the garbage business better than the national weight of former president Ibrahim Rugova.

Buzhala further adds that for Veliaj, a few meters of road are only business, votes and trade.

The journalist points out that Veliaj reacts only when a tender is 'taken' from him by someone else, and not for issues of such national importance.

"Erion Veliaj does not understand Ibrahim Rugoven. It's not at the right height, so you can't see it. It seems normal to him to remove his name from a part of the road, giving it to someone else. Tell me that the street was honoring Rugovan and not the other way around.

Lali Eri understands the garbage business much better than the national weight of Ibrahim Rugoves. For Erion, a few meters more road, or a few meters less road, are business, are votes, are trade. It is a trade even when tenders are given to pave them, and it is a trade even when they decide to pave those roads.

Therefore, without thinking twice, he has torn in half the road that bore the name of the historical leader of Kosovo, thus committing an act of vandalism.

Such a thing seemed normal to Lali Eri. I am convinced that now he is shocked by the reactions from Pristina.

Politicians of the mold of Erion expect reactions except when someone gets a tender from someone, and not for topics of this nature. The mayor of Tirana was convinced that he did the right thing, when he managed to give birth to two from one street, thus satisfying the communists of Tirana. Quite ironic, but the communists killed Ibrahim Rugov's father.

This contempt and humiliation should not go so easily. Such a behavior is disgusting" , writes Buzhala.

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