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Snow and temperature a few degrees below zero, freezing weather in Albania

Snow and temperature a few degrees below zero, freezing weather in Albania

According to the Military Meteorological Service, starting from today, but also during the following week, the weather is expected to be clear in most of our country and at the same time with a significant drop in temperatures. They affect the negative values ​​in the vast part of the territory. For today, they range from minus 7 to 10 degrees Celsius.

On this last day of the week, Albania is affected by stable atmospheric conditions, thanks to cold air masses of northern origin. Thus, the weather is predicted to be clear in the coastal part and with changeable clouds in the mountainous areas. In the valleys, in the early hours of the morning there was dense fog/fog that also caused reduced visibility.

The wind will blow in the northwest-north direction, with an average speed of 2 to 10 m/s. Meanwhile, along the coastline and in valley areas, the wind is very intense with a speed varying from 14 to 18 m/s. The waves in the seas are of force 2-4.

Even countries neighboring Albania, such as Greece and Italy, are under the grip of cold weather. Meanwhile, due to the low temperatures and snowfall that has engulfed the country, road maintenance contractor companies are on the ground to unblock them. According to Prime Minister Edi Rama, with snow removal tools and teams, work is being done from north to south of the territory to ensure normal traffic without problems in conditions when the temperatures are below zero. Also, the head of the government recalls that in times of rain, drivers are advised to equip themselves with winter tires and chains when traveling to mountainous areas. Likewise, the speed should be reduced, the signs should be respected, and the instructions of the Traffic Police should be followed.

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