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The mayor of Mallakastra is sentenced to 40 hours of public work

The mayor of Mallakastra is sentenced to 40 hours of public work


Mallkastra Mayor Qerim Ismailaj has been sentenced to 40 hours of public service.

Ismailaj stayed at the GJKKO premises for about 2 hours. Ismailaj is accused of forging the decriminalization form. HE was sentenced to 6 months in prison, which was converted to 40 days of public service.

"1. The guilty plea of ​​the defendant Qerim Ismailaj for committing the criminal offense "Forgery of seals, stamps or forms" provided for by Article 190, first paragraph of the Criminal Code and his punishment based on this provision with 6 (six) months of imprisonment.
2. In application of Article 406 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, the reduction of the sentence by 1/3 and the final sentence of the defendant Qerim Ismailaj with 4 (four) months of imprisonment.
3. In application of Article 63 of the Criminal Code, the suspension of the execution of the prison sentence for the defendant Qerim Ismailaj and the obligation to perform work in the public interest, without remuneration, for a period of 40 (forty) hours, which will to be fulfilled within the period of 6 months, provided that during this time he maintains regular contact with the Probation Service", it is stated in the announcement of GJKKO.

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