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German MP for DW: In the DP they have the right to choose the leader they want

German MP for DW: In the DP they have the right to choose the leader they want

The Christian Democrat MP in the German Parliament, Gunther Krichbaum, speaker of the CDU / CSU parliamentary group on European Union issues, was asked about the situation within the Democratic Party in Albania.

In an interview with DW, Krichbaum said that the party itself should choose what it wants as its leader and that no one should interfere.

" First, I am very sorry for the developments in the DP and I am not the only one. Of course it is a matter of the party itself who wants to elect a leader. It is not up to us to intervene. But it also means for us and for me personally, that I will continue to work and support the DP only if a far-sighted signal is given in the selection of the mayor.

If it will not be so, but there will be a return to yesterday, if not the day before yesterday, then this can not find my personal support. In such a case, I would commit to suspend membership procedures at the level of the European People's Party. Because we, as the European People's Party, must move forward.

The party needs to make a wise decision and consider the effect on the international plan, if it really follows the claim that it not only wants to cooperate internationally, but also to take over the running of the country. This is the legitimate goal of a party in a democracy: to come to power and form a government. "I think the Americans have found clear words and I think the party does well not to leave such words unheard ," he said.

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