Did they want to connect Krushqi with the Meta family? The boy's father rejects the claim: We knew nothing

Did they want to connect Krushqi with the Meta family? The boy's father

The real motive for the murder of Pëllumb Meta in Shënavlash, Durrës, has not yet been revealed, while his wife under investigation and the 3 arrested children firmly stand by the motive of domestic violence and the decision to reluctantly betroth the 19-year-old girl.

But the decision to betroth her unwillingly was rejected by the family that had shown interest in this young man. Even Blerina, the girl's mother, like the murdered father, had the same attitude regarding this possibility of engagement.

As in the testimony given to the police, also in an off-camera communication with Vali Qyrfyçi, the family that had thought of a relationship with the victim's family rejects the claim that Pëllumbi wanted to betroth the girl unwillingly.

Enxeni became the trigger to ask for Hygerta's hand in marriage for her husband's brother, while her father-in-law says that the claims that Pellumbi was killed because he wanted to betroth his daughter are not true. According to him, Pëllumbi did not abuse his family members and moreover he had ordered a car for Hygerta so that she could go to school.

"If he had decided to engage her reluctantly, he would have done it and told her that you will get engaged and don't go to school, but no. We didn't even know this until the police came and asked. The daughter-in-law was thinking about the other son I have in Italy. Therefore, this as a reason to kill him does not exist, and he does not convince me about violence. He often took his children and wife out for lunch at bars. He took them by car. Some time ago he was happy that his daughter had given him a car from Kruja to the house and he was thinking of buying her a car to go to and from school. He had even ordered it from the car owner where he worked. That's what you told me," said the boy's father.

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