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Dua Lipa 'electrifies' Tirana: Happy! Love you so much

Dua Lipa 'electrifies' Tirana: Happy! Love you so much

The world-famous Albanian artist has "electrified" Tirana. Dua Lipa is holding a grand concert in "Skënderbej" square on the occasion of the 110th anniversary of Independence.

"I want to say thank you, I love you very much. And what I want to tell you is to have the best time possible, so we can celebrate together. Happy Independence Day!” Dua Lipa said.

Citizens have defied the low temperatures and have come out to the square to see the spectacle presented by Dua, who received Albanian citizenship the day before.

Dua Lipa wraps up her world tour tonight. She gave the last concert in honor of the 110th anniversary of the Independence of our country.

Before the start of the concert, Dua Lipa gave a strong message from Tirana to all Albanians living abroad.

In a press conference, the singer said that the stigma against Albanians, who live in European countries, should be changed.

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