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Even sheep in the rally in front of the Constitution (Symbol)

Even sheep in the rally in front of the Constitution (Symbol)

Free professionals are holding a protest in front of the Constitutional Court this afternoon, where they demand the repeal of the income tax law.

According to the new law, self-employed freelancers will no longer be treated as a small business at 0%, but the net income (profit) from business for the self-employed will be taxed at 15% rates for the band 0 to 14,000,000 ALL and over 14,000,000 ALL, the 23% profit tax is imposed.

However, some sheep have also become part of the gathering, symbolically, holding up the banners "Yes to coffee, no to protest" or "Yes to the beach, no to protest".

The leader of the protest, actor Florjan Binaj, said that they symbolize all those free professionals who did not have the courage to come to the protest.

The protest was organized by the "Piranjat" show, while all the parliamentary opposition parties or not, have sent their representatives to give speeches raising their voices against this concern.

Only the National Chamber of Advocacy and that of Notaries has not sent its representatives to this protest.

From January 1, 2024, when the new law began to be implemented with the free professions, it has been sued 4 times in the Constitutional Court. The first hearing for the consideration of lawsuits will be held on June 18.

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