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Ecuador challenges the 'three lions' in 1/16, the 'tulips' face the USA

Ecuador challenges the 'three lions' in 1/16, the 'tulips'

England and the USA are the second teams to advance to the round of 16.

Senegal defeated Ecuador 1-2 securing the qualification ticket. Even the "Tupilans" excluded from the World Cup with two goals, the "master of the house", Qatar, who failed to secure any points in group A.

The strongest confrontation of the evening was between Iran and the USA. The Americans settled for Pulisic's goal to send Iran home.

England dictated at "Ahmed bin Ali Stadium", leaving no chance for Wales to score. The 'Three Lions' did wonders with Rashford scoring twice against Wales. While Phil Foden finally closed England's qualification.

In the 1/16 stage, the Netherlands will play against the USA on December 3, while England will play against Senegal on December 4.

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