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Photo/ The brother of the socialist deputy who worked in ek*nabis cultivation

Photo/ The brother of the socialist deputy who worked in ek*nabis cultivation

The person in the photo is Armando Ndreca, an employee of the Regional Directorate of Tax Investigation in Shkodër, the brother of the socialist deputy of Lezha district, Eduard Ndreca. He was arrested by the police on suspicion of being involved in the cultivation of cannabis.

The arrest of the socialist MP's brother came after a months-long investigation by the Lezha Police on the cultivation of cannabis in the forests of Kashnjet. The police intervened on Wednesday and arrested Armando Ndreca's brother-in-law, Armel Nikdukaj, 27, and his friend, Elvis Shpellzai, 28, in the act.

Both Nikdukaj and Shpellzai were caught in the stable that they had adapted into a shepherd's house. During the operation, 2973 narcotic plants were seized, some of them seedlings ready to be cultivated in the ground, a quantity of narcotic substance cannabis sativa, 50 lamps, ventilation equipment and three mobile phones. While during the control in the apartments of Nikdukaj and Shpellazi in the city of Koplik, 3 cold weapons and a mask were seized.

Sources from the investigative group announced that anti-drug officers have been keeping the two cannabis growers under surveillance for several months. Likewise, their phones were tapped, where Armel Nikdukaj spoke with his brother-in-law Armando Ndreca.

Two years ago, the police arrested Ndreca's father-in-law, Ramiz Nikdukaj, after he had set up a 'shepherd's house'. His son, Armel Nikdukaj escaped at that time. Even in this case, it was suspected that the deputy's brother was the owner of the drugs. 

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