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Reporter: Rama stayed in a luxury hotel in Manhattan, $2,700 a night

Reporter: Rama stayed in a luxury hotel in Manhattan, $2,700 a night

Prime Minister Edi Rama was in the United States for a visit of several days for the meeting of the United Nations Assembly.

Journalist Klodian Tomorri says that Rama and his delegation were accommodated in a suite in Manhattan, which cost $2,700 a night.

According to him, only the Albanian prime minister and Markout stayed in this hotel.

The journalist further mocks the "efforts" of the prime minister's staff to find a hotel with a more reasonable price, as well as the fact that delegations from poor countries have the highest expenses.

"The General Assembly of the United Nations was a very important event. The Prime Minister's staff had been carefully preparing the visit for some time. But damn something had gone wrong.

Although they had tried tirelessly to book a hotel with reasonable prices, they could not. In the end, they were forced to put the prime minister in the Harcourt suite of the Baccarat hotel in Manhattan. On this occasion, all the members of the Albanian delegation ended up in the same hotel.

The suite, which costs $2,700 a night excluding taxes, offers an amazing view of Manhattan. Certainly an environment worthy of leadership.

At the counter, before entering the room, he found out that he was not the only leader staying in that hotel. The Prime Minister of Morocco was staying on the same floor. This one too with his delegation, bylyk.

In fact, at international summits, a very interesting statistical correlation is observed between the GDP per capita of a country and the accommodation expenses of the leaders. The poorer a country is, the more expensive is the hotel where its leader is" , writes the journalist, among other things.

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