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"Closed-eyed Strike"/ Asllani: Sin we did not win

"Closed-eyed Strike"/ Asllani: Sin we did not win

National Team Kristjan Asllani spoke after the Croatia 2-2 Albania match.

The 22-year-old stated that in the case he had a note, he did not expect the ball and was caught unprepared, while describing it as a sin that Albania failed to get 3 points.

Match with a lot of emotions, she judged we didn’t get three points. We drank two goals that we could avoid, then we could win the match at the end, but we got a point we are happy.

We could have done more, but that’s the way. Lost case? I thought he would catch the Modric ball, I hit him with my eyes closed, but what do I do? Football has it that way”, expressed Asllani.

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