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"Senior officials are investigating the crime", Kraja: SPAK prosecutors are working on difficult ground. What does he say about Yuri Kim's statements

"Senior officials are investigating the crime", Kraja: SPAK

The head of SPAK, Arben Kraja, says that SPAK prosecutors work in a very difficult field, as they investigate organized crime, terrorism and high officials.

Speaking in an interview for Euronews Albania, Kraja meanwhile refused to comment on the statements of the US ambassador, Yuri Kim, who requested that the race for the new head of SPAK be transparent.

"SPAK prosecutors definitely operate on a difficult terrain because they investigate organized crime, terrorism, corruption, high officials. All these elements have difficult situations to investigate and prove guilt. Organized crime has other specifics, high officials have different specifics", said Kraja.

"It is not only the USA that we cooperate with, we also cooperate with the EU, with individual countries in the region, we cooperate with the United Kingdom. It is obvious that the USA is one of the main factors that have influenced the realization of the reform, in determining the new structures that will be created and are the main factors that have supported SPAK in its rise in these 3 years. They have supported us from a financial point of view and constant advice.

We have in SPAK representatives of the DEA, the Department of Justice, as well as close contacts with European structures. There is no surprising aspect of cooperation with foreign authorities. I have no authorization to comment on the ambassador's statements, and she knows why she made them," he added.


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