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Integration in the EU, Santos: Reforms must be accelerated, it has not been completed in law

Integration in the EU, Santos: Reforms must be accelerated, it has not been

The rapporteur for Albania in the European Parliament, Isabel Santos, has asked our country to speed up reforms for EU membership.

Emphasizing the important role of the Assembly in this aspect, she said that the new legislation must be in line with that of the EU.

During her speech at the meeting of the National Council of European Integration, Isabel Santos said that there is still work to be done on the Justice Reform,

"Integration is not only the government, the majority and not only the technocracy process, but it must be a deep social process that includes the civil society and all the citizens of Albania.

Transparent and comprehensive process, only when all of Albania comes together then the integration process will be successful. The negotiations opened last year were an important moment. The time has come to accelerate the reforms, not to stop them, but to speed them up so that Albania becomes a leader in this process.

There is a need for a strategic vision for the path to be followed and a concrete plan for the steps to be taken. The role of the Assembly in the future period will be very important and I understand all the steps you have taken to involve the Assembly in this process. It will be a very intense legislative period.

You can have a real progress on the new legislation that will be drafted in accordance with the European standards. Albania has taken some bold political decisions for which we congratulate you. The comprehensive reform of the justice system is one such example.

The reform is not finished, I believe that like in any other country we must have a job that never ends in this field. The judicial system is on the right track to become healthier ," said Santos.


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