Former Republican congresswoman message to young people: Time to fight and defend freedom like students in 1990

Former Republican congresswoman message to young people: Time to fight and

'Your young generation must defend freedom, as the youth and students did in the 1990s.'

This was the message that the former republican congresswoman, Vicky Hartzler, had for the young Democrats, during a conversation with the young people of the political school of the Youth Forum of the Democratic Party, which focused on the importance of activating young people in politics.

Hartzler emphasized in her speech that freedom is not inherited but protected, as she expressed her happiness that young people in Albania embrace conservative values ​​that are based on family and freedom.

"As I look back on your story, I am inspired by it. Walking down the hall today I saw pictures of the students who led the march in your country, your parents and grandparents who stood up and said "we want freedom, not anymore". Older generations, in your country or ours, were the ones who ensured freedom, but it is up to each generation to protect and fight for that freedom. And now is your time.

Conservative ideals are what make the state thrive. They are education, family and freedom. Freedom from government tyranny, freedom from government overreach, freedom to express yourself, freedom to worship and pray as you please, freedom to raise your family according to your beliefs without having the government tell you you can't do it. These are the conservative things that we embrace, that have made America wonderful, Albania wonderful," she said.

Travis Weber, Vice President of Government Policy Affairs at the Family Research Center in Washington, invited to the conversation with the young people, spoke with appreciation for the fight that the Albanian youth makes for the family, as he added that the young people must sacrifice in the name of freedom. and building the future in the homeland.

" This is what brought me to Albania, because the struggle for family here is one that we share with you in the United States. You are extremely valuable to your country, each one of you represents something to the country that is ..represent more than one person to your country.

Everyone represents a part of the future of Albania, just by the willingness to be here because it shows sacrifice, it shows the putting down of personal interests for the interests of the country, for what is good for your country, from your time, the investment of efforts yours but also the money. This will convey something, it will achieve an advantage for you, but it will also set an example for those who follow you , "said Weber.

The head of FRPD Besart Xhaferri in his speech stated that the departure and surrender of young people should not be an alternative, as he asserted that the autocracy in the country today is a fact, but this will not stop the opposition's fight. According to Xhaferri, the solution to the country's problems will not come from outside but from within.

The director of the Political School of FRPD, Arian Dedej, said that young people should take advantage of the freedom that students brought in the 90's and should be committed to the maximum so that Albania does not discuss going back to the time when they were deprived of their freedom.

The FRPD Political School is a project that brings democratic and Albanian youth closer to politics and aims to increase their engagement in decision-making, as the best-known experts and politicians in Albania, the EU region and the USA will share their political experiences with Albanian youth. .


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