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"They terrorized the family", the arrested protesters appear before the court

"They terrorized the family", the arrested protesters appear before

Kevin Vidrica, Bernard Metaliaj, Franc Kaloshi and Artan Muçmata appeared before the Tirana court today, after the security measure of arrest in prison was assigned to them for the use of pyrotechnic materials and opposition to police officers, during the protest in front of the municipality.

They stated in the courtroom that they were ill-treated by the police officers.

One of them, Franc Kaloshi, said that the police terrorized his family when he was arrested. Kaloshi said that he neither threw Molotov cocktails nor hit police officers.

"They terrorized my family. They came at 7 in the morning to my apartment in Fier. My mother, my father, were present. I did not shoot Molotov cocktails or police officers. They also took away our pants belts, I am a democrat with contributions I protested peacefully. The whole area was surrounded to arrest me. I have never shot at a police officer in my life," he said.

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