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"We have prepared the black list", Gonxhe shows the measures for the testing: We have photographed all the irregular vehicles on the road

"We have prepared the black list", Gonxhe shows the measures for the

The Director of Road Transport Services, Blendi Gonxhe has spoken about the testing of vehicles, which has been out of function since January this year, when it was removed from the concessionaire to pass to the state.

Gonxhe said that the testing will be of better quality, while noting that all irregular vehicles have been photographed and have been blacklisted. 

"Testing for the conditions it has requires more time to be done with quality. It will be much better. There are no cars with broken stops on the road. Since October, we have been filming and photographing all irregular vehicles on the road by our traffic task force experts and police. They are all located in one system, blacklisted. Once they meet the test, they will have multiple control. The test itself will have four groups. Two will be dedicated to technical control centers, we will check ourselves. The other two will be on the move, suddenly by lot and by risk. These are methods used in developing and developed countries. The test will be many times stricter control, it will be more difficult to pass it with money and with friends. For this reason, we give confidence to citizens to increase their knowledge. They have to be careful with the vehicle ", said Gonxhe on the show "7pa5".

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