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TIMS Commission, Salianji cut: Witnesses will be escorted by the police, if they do not come

TIMS Commission, Salianji cut: Witnesses will be escorted by the police, if they

The head of the TIMS Investigative Commission, Ervin Salianji, while speaking about the commission's meeting, said that the witnesses who will be called in case they refuse to appear, will be accompanied by the police.

Invited to News24, Salianji said that there is an attempt by the SP to become a barricade before the investigations.

"There are attempts by the SP to come out and become a barricade and collect all the scum that is thrown at these people to protect them. As long as there is illegal interference, suspicions must be of all forms. What is the reason that a character was in the Tax Department, when there was a data leak, there were problems with ANSH, when he invited unauthorized people to interfere with the data of the Tims system. You saw what a character he was yesterday and what kind of communication he had with the public, entering the court yesterday. Director of IT in the State Police and has access to data, when there is no security certificate, criminal record for forgery.

How to give access to data, put it in command, whatever. I'm talking about a case that was presented by the Prosecutor's Office of Tirana, which came to the conclusion that there was intervention by TIMS and there are also people who said that they pressured us to copy the data, to give the codes. The fact that the prime minister and the minister have mentioned and decided to defend this act of illegality means that the involvement is claimed to be up to that level. The compulsion to testify is not voluntary. If they do not come, they are accompanied by the police. The SP's attempt is to block it in the commission by using votes to be witnesses. They will come with one foot, there is no way to avoid them. The US chargé d'affaires was the first to denounce him, and this shows that they have left a mark ," said Salianji.


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