The new head of SHISH, Begaj: I am in consultation with Rama, I do not have a specific name

The new head of SHISH, Begaj: I am in consultation with Rama, I do not have a

President Bajram Begaj has said that he is consulting with Prime Minister Edi Rama about the new name of the head of SHISH.

In an interview for the show "Pa Censure" on RTSh, Begaj said that at the moment Rama has not brought any specific name to the table. The president added that SHISH needs a figure with high integrity.

Begaj emphasized that a consultation is necessary for choosing a name.

Excerpts from the conversation:

It has been a few weeks since you have been in consultation with the prime minister about the name of the new head of the Information Service. Why are you so late? How difficult is it to find someone with integrity and professionalism for this delicate post?

Begaj: I want to clarify that it is not at all difficult for our country to have human capacities with high professionalism, with high integrity to be the leader of SHISH. SHISH is a very important institution of our national security and the selection process will, of course, go through the institutional links.

Has the prime minister brought you a name?

Begaj: I don't have a specific name on the table. I told you, the selection of the name will be done on the basis of individual merit, professional capacities and human integrity. We are in the process.

Is the Prime Minister consulting with you in the meantime, that is, before bringing the name?

Begaj: Undoubtedly, I also said in a previous interview that consultation is necessary.

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