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Who shot first? The prosecutor of Elbasan gives details about the event with a victim

Who shot first? The prosecutor of Elbasan gives details about the event with a

The prosecutor of Elbasan, Alfred Shehu in a press conference together with the State Police has given details regarding the event that happened yesterday, where Pjerin Xhuvani was killed and four other people were injured. He said the dynamics of the event is complex.

Asked by the media if the prosecution has revealed which of the groups fired first in Wednesday's event, the prosecutor stressed that "the details of the investigation are secret".

"Currently I inform you that two arrest warrants have been issued for murder by different parties, the investigation issues are currently secret." , said Shehu.

He said that the case is under investigation and that the dynamics of the investigation is very complicated in this case.

The prosecutor emphasized that among the seized items, there are also telephones of the persons involved in this event, where details can be found that will shed light on the situation.

"The detention orders of the prosecutors have been implemented, the event happened yesterday, many material evidence have been seized during the investigation that will be sent to the scientific police, among which there are phones where there may be a lot of information about the dynamics of the event. "All detainees are suspected of committing a criminal offense, it is the investigation that will clarify the dynamics of the event", he further stated.

The prosecutor said that the police officers who were present at the time of the crime were also interrogated.

"All possible witnesses who were escorted, including state police officers who were at the scene, were questioned," he said.


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