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'The black book of drugs'/ 100 million transcripts talk about the connections of Albanians with the traffic boss in Italy

'The black book of drugs'/ 100 million transcripts talk about the

100 million transcribed conversations, including financial deals, military strategies with a mafia background, drugs, weapons, money transferred from one bank account to another, fictitious financial companies.

This is the material obtained from interceptions of conversations held on the 'Sky' application by traffickers and people wanted by the authorities. Communication through 'Sky' was done in order to avoid tracking by the justice authorities. The interceptions have been processed by a group of magistrates in Naples, who also shed light on the conversations of the Albanian gangs with the so-called cocaine boss, Raffaele Imperiale.

The latter is known as the man who bought two stolen Van Gogh paintings from the Amsterdam museum. A character currently detained in an Italian prison, after a long stay in Dubai, currently at the center of investigative checks precisely for suspected drug trafficking.

The 100 million transcribed conversations could serve as a starting point to show the 'Black Book of drugs and money laundering', which are considered the two pillars of the criminal economy in Southern Italy.

Based on the wiretapping, conversations with members of Albanian gangs in Italy have also been discovered, as well as a close relationship between Naples-Dubai and other European capitals such as Amsterdam, where Imperiale had set up his empire before moving to Dubai.

In October 2021, the conversations secured by wiretapping brought to light 'top secret' details, starting with the story of the 650,000 euros per year sent to a godmother of the Pagano family every year by Imperiale herself.

Protected by criminal lawyers Maurizio Frizzi and Giovanni Riço, Imperiale has always rejected the role of boss of the international drug trafficking dome. During the first trial, in which he was finally convicted, Imperiale showed a willingness to close his account with Italian justice, with a defense memorial that culminated in a twist of sorts.

Under pressure from the Guardia di Finanza investigation, Imperiale said he was willing to accept part of the original charges, in a scenario in which two Van Gogh canvases stolen in 2002 emerged.


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