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Lubonja shows why Edi Rama is not afraid of SPAK

Lubonja shows why Edi Rama is not afraid of SPAK

Analyst Fatos Lubonja spoke about the investigation that SPAK is conducting against the President of PL, Ilir Meta. 

In News24, he said that the only untouchable who has been in Albania is the one who has been at the head of the state. According to him, if this country can be cleaned in 5 years, he would support SPAK, but he does not believe that this can happen.

"It used to be Sali Berisha, that is, the number 1 figure in Albania. But the point is that this continues, so we have an untouchable Edi Ramë, who is not afraid at all. Do you hear when Edi Rama speaks? A Prime Minister who gives permission for towers, has given another 24-storey one in the center of Tirana. It is introducing crime into the economy, so when will SPAK intervene or act? 

The famous file "Metamorfoza" what stands out there? The only crime they are accused of is attempted murder, while these are gangs that control the terrain, that have committed electoral crimes, that have received strategic investor status, that have been helped by this Prime Minister, that launder money, the Prime Minister is not afraid . Lubonja said.







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