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"Rivers of drugs from Albania", Italian media: How wiretapping led to the arrest of the former deputy minister and a prosecutor

"Rivers of drugs from Albania", Italian media: How wiretapping led to

The prestigious Italian Il Giorno has devoted an article to the action of a few days ago against a wide cocaine network, which was run by three Albanians. We remind you that the operation of the Albanian, Italian and other authorities led to the arrest of 43 people and the seizure of over 4 million ALL.

Il Giorno writes that the former deputy minister Rovena Voda was captured from the wiretapping of this group some time ago. The latter was sentenced to 15 months in prison for corruption after taking bribes and a crate of fish to hire a person in the ministry.

It is further said that a female prosecutor in Albania has also ended up behind bars as part of the wiretapping of this gang.

Footage released by the Guardia di Finanza on the operation that defeated the gang of drug traffickers importing drugs from Albania shows the perpetrators in action as they prepare the doses and reveal some of the tricks they use to hide it.

In the video interviews, one of the heads of the organization is seen teaching a young trafficker how to cut heroin and prepare it for sale.

According to what was established by the investigations, the gang used two laboratories, now seized, in the provinces of Cremona and Milan, as a base for transforming the raw product into doses ready to be sold.

Among the techniques used by the gang to hide drugs was the modification of cars. In fact, they created practically impossible-to-see pockets in the fenders of the cars, where the drug blocks were placed.


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