The Rama-Meloni Agreement and the new law on Protected Areas, Source: Government's colossal punishment for Albania

The Rama-Meloni Agreement and the new law on Protected Areas, Source:

The approval of the agreement for immigrants from Rama-Meloni and the law for constructions in Protected Areas have been described as colossal punishments of the government for Albania by the analyst Genc Burimi.  

Speaking on Syri TV, Burimi said that investigative commissions should be added on the massacre of protected areas and that with the coming into force of the opposition, this law will be repealed.

" There are many countries in Europe that are small such as Belgium, Luxenburbu, Slovakia that are over 30% protected area. This is the first deception that Mrs. Kumbaro says, that Albania sacrificed in relation to its surface, a lot of surface with protected area. Edi Rama is like "Penelope's fabric" that makes the day and unmakes the night.

Do you remember when he made a law on betting, which filled our minds that Albanians were impoverished, cheated, and then he made the same law again. This is also being done with protected areas. He went and dismantled the law he himself made. How can you trust this government, this character?

I want a 9th commission to be added to the parliamentary investigative commissions, an investigative commission on this massacre, on this genocide that will be done to the Albanian environment by the Rama government.

I want this opposition today to promise that those businessmen who are going to throw money at this new law of Rama should be clear that with the entry into force of the opposition this law will be dismantled and they will lose their investments", he said. The source.


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