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Marriage within the same gender, Alimehmeti: Use by the municipality of Tirana, an investigation is needed

Marriage within the same gender, Alimehmeti: Use by the municipality of Tirana,

The member of the Tirana Municipal Council, Ilir Alimehmeti, commented on the same-sex marriage on the terrace of the Tirana municipality.

Invited to MCN, he said that he sees this act with regret that two Albanians were used illegally by the municipality of Tirana, to divert attention from other illegalities.

"They did something, they have some photos, there is an activity there, but what was gained from the legal side? This was done so that we don't have the attention of the illegal affairs that the municipality of Tirana is involved in.

It is very unfortunate and it shows very clearly that since they bring us someone from outside Albania, it shows that you are either incompetent or you don't know.

I invite this gentleman who gives these opportunities to run away, I speak for Erion Veliaj as long as he does not manage to find an understanding, neither with the law, nor with the clergy, nor with society.

This country here has these laws and these social values. I am very sorry that the municipality of Tirana has completely lost its functionality.

Their right is to live. One of them is definitely the mother of two twins, it can't be both.

If someone feels like breaking all the laws, with the blessing of the media and others, then what is this state for? The state should knock on the door there.

It's like we come out, we've killed and we're giving a press conference that we've killed.

It is not the same thing, but it is illegal, why are illegal acts committed, with whose authority did you do this thing here and here these institutions should be knocked on the door.

By whose authority was it done? It should be investigated. They did not acquire the status of marriage because the law does not recognize it.

Legally, they did not gain anything because they were misused, because they are two Albanian citizens and they ," said Alimehmeti. 

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